Interim Quality Manager

One of the important positions in almost every company is the Quality Manager, who is responsible for many processes. Sufficient experience and knowledge is essential.

Interim Quality Manager

In order to manage any company properly and effectively, it is important that the management is made up of professionals who have sufficient experience, knowledge and are able to respond flexibly to any problem that arises. One of the positions that in many instances determines the success of a particular company is the Quality Manager.

The role of Quality Manager is particularly important for the company to establish and optimise processes related to quality management throughout the organisation.
Basic tasks include:

ensuring the development of internal guidelines and the implementation and maintenance of ISO 9001, IATF 1949, VDA... CSR´s
enforcement and application of modern and proven quality management methods and tools
dealing with suppliers, customers and auditors
management and development of employees
setting and maintaining KPI's
preventing customer escalations
de-escalation strategies

When to hire an Interim Quality Manager

Filling the position of Quality Manager with an Interim Manager is appropriate when it is necessary to solve short-term or acute tasks that require highly specialized knowledge and experience that no employee in the company has. Another option is a project so large that it requires management with maximum commitment that no single employee is able to cope with.

A great advantage of hiring an Interim Quality Manager is an unbiased view of the company's issues.
Since he is not an internal employee, he is not influenced by any undesirable influences.

An Interim Manager is not only beneficial for a company that is temporarily struggling, but it can be just the opposite. Some companies can grow so quickly that there is no capacity left to complete important projects. It is for these cases, where an immediate response to the situation is needed, that an interim manager is necessary.