Interim Logistics Manager

The success of a business depends on the management of its logistics department. If you have a challenging task in front of you, then the Interim Logistics Manager is the right choice.

Interim Logistics Manager

Running a company requires not only the right education, but above all sufficient experience and knowledge. If the company is larger, it is usually necessary to divide it into individual sections and to appoint an expert to each of them. Companies dealing with the sale, import or export of goods should have the logistics aspect well handled.

Interim Logistics Manager is responsible for:

Manage and lead supplier, customer and internal logistics
Plan and ensure effective warehouse management, efficient transport planning
Establish plans, guidelines and require standards to ensure quality and quantity of deliveries
Monitor and analyze the market to respond immediately to material availability
Plan and coordinate all logistics activities related to the management of flows in the logistics chain
Define and monitor the fulfilment of KPIs
Work on team development

When to hire an Interim Logistics Manager

The Logistics Manager position is very demanding and requires a lot of commitment. If this employee drops out of the whole process, it creates a significant problem for the company. However, this can be easily and quickly resolved by hiring an expert in the Interim Management field.

What will the Interim Logistics Manager provide for your company and how will it be beneficial?

An Interim Manager can handle important tasks that require sufficient expertise that the company cannot handle for whatever reason. This expert can be hired by the company for any period of time. It depends on the agreement of both parties.

The great advantage of an Interim Managers is that they will gain experience from managing logistics departments in other companies.
Therefore, they know this aspect not only from the theoretical but also from the practical side.
They know and have solved specific situations with the assurance of supply