Interim Management is advanced solution for every company.

Interim manager pays off for the company in several different situations. It can help a company get back on its feet or provide a good start for a start-up company.

How cooperation with interim managementem?

Abroad interim management is quite common. Cooperation with an interim manager is slowly becoming the most sought-after consulting service.

When hiring an interim manager, the first parameter is the position to be filled.
In practice, this is mostly:

an executive or general manager
production manager, finance, human resources, logistics, supply, purchasing, sales or marketing manager
project or product manager
consultants without specific roles (task force, advisor to the owners/ stake holders…)

The cooperation process is always individual with regard to the need to solve specific problems of a given company. This is also related to the period for which the interim manager will be hired.

What are the specific types of Interim Management?

There are several basic types of interim management, each of which is designed to solve a different problem.


Interim Change Management

is the perfect solution when a company needs to make major changes to its operations in a short period of time. Usually this is so-called crisis or transformation management.


Project Interim Manager

Tento typ je využíván tehdy, kdy je žádoucí implementace nebo vedení konkrétního projektu. V praxi se ve velké většině jedná o projekty krátkodobé, ale velice náročné.

Substitution Interim Management

ensures that vacant positions are filled quickly in urgent or unexpected situations. For example, it may be a case of filling managerial positions when an employee has quit immediately or has unexpectedly become ill. Maternity leave is usually another possibility.


There can be many situations when an interim manager is really useful for a company. In the majority of cases, a company decides on this solution if it is going through a crisis period and needs to reverse the fall quickly and get back into positive numbers. This does not mean that an interim manager is only suitable for crisis situations.

Interim management is a modern solution for any company that needs to effectively "bounce back" and start building its successful market journey.

What is Interim Management

A reliable management team is the key to the success of any company. If the company is larger, it is necessary to divide the different sectors and therefore the tasks among reliable specialists. This means that each section manager must not only have the appropriate education, but also sufficient experience.

One way to solve this problem is with Interim Manager.
 Interim Management provides a flexible manager and specialist in one person

In case of Interim Management, it is the hiring of an expert on a specific issue who has not been employed by the company before. Interim management will therefore fill the missing capacity and bring know-how in a specific field.

 They are always proven managers who can prove themselves with successfully completed projects, sufficient education and the necessary experience.

What is the role of an Interim Manager

You can hire an Interim Manager for your company either for a fixed period of time or for as long as it is needed.

Interim Manager principles:

 results orientation to increase work efficiency
 decisiveness in dealing with important issues


Contribution of the Interim Manager

    • Qualifications - Interim Manager brings knowledge and experience to any company that was lacking. This increases the success rate.
    • Flexibility - Thanks to its flexibility, the Interim Manager is able to start at very short notice - usually days.
    • Objectivity - Because the Interim Manager is unburdened by company customs and politics, he or she brings a fresh perspective and effective solutions to the management of the company.

Having worked with Jakub for three years during his missions in Bad Dürrenberg and Neutrabling, I have to say he is an excellent professional. He enabled both location to be more efficient and he builded again the customer trust. I am impressed with his work ethic and communication skills

Klaus Sicking, CFO Europe East/West
Adler Pelzer Group

I have worked with Jakub a few years . He has very good background and focused on achieving challenging and targets .
He came’s up to customers needs and expectations. With his capability to see overall strategic target for projects or company. He has strong execution skills to move the things forward even the situation is not favorable

Karel Litvan, Quality Operations Manager
Faurecia Seating

With Jakub I met by Adler Pelzer Group where we were cooperating on project of stabilization plant Clion. Although my and Jakub focus were different we found very quickly common groud and we prepared stable plan for optimalisation, cost cutting and right forecasting. His commitment was huge

Ales Panna, Director of controlling and finance, NAFTA
Adler Pelzer Group

Throughout my time working with Jakub, I have witnessed his exceptional drive and determination firsthand. He consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and an unwavering commitment to achieving his goals. Jakub is not only self-driven but also possesses an innate ability to motivate and inspire others around him. His leadership skills are exemplary, and he has the capability to guide and support his team through challenges, ensuring that objectives are met efficiently and effectively.

Dusan Palkovic, HR Manager
Faurecia Seating

During our time working together, I had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand Jakubs exceptional skills, work ethic, and commitment to excellence.
His kindness, empathy, and professionalism were a constant source of strength and inspiration to me, and I am confident that he would bring the same level of dedication and care to any workplace. Jakub is a skilled and knowledgeable professional with excellent communication skills and an ability to collaborate effectively with others. He consistently demonstrates initiative and creativity, and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that projects are completed on time and to the highest standard.

Ulrik Thelin, Senior Director Operations EMEA
Norma Group

From my side, the teamworking with Mr. Dvořák was absolutely excellent experince. It gave me new motivation and a new perspective on team management, communication, plannig and mainly the philosophy of working with people and solving crisis situations. If I was starting in the company under the leadership of Mr. Dvořák like junior project manager, he was for me the best teacher and support. The meeting and cooperation with such people, it advance you in all directions of your carrier

Jan Hutka, Project Manager
3D- Lasertec

I had such a luck to recruit Jakub as our Interim Manager! Beside his professional attitude he is also a great personality. Jakub brought calmness into critical situation. He was able to jump straight away to the problem, firefight and start to build the strategy how to keep the situation under controll. He was able to achieve short term goals and start with the longterm solutions so it is easy to continue in his journey for the permanent-following manager. He has wide range of knowledge and experience. I have never seen him to struggle or panic, he always found a way out.

Ivana Malinovska, HR Manager
Norma Group

Jakub is an excellent communicator, with strong interpersonal skills that enable him to build strong relationships with his team and stakeholders. Jakub´s problem-solving abilities and sound decision-making skills made him a valuable asset to our company. During his project in the SCM department Jakub delivered a great added value.

Dr. Wissem Ellouze, VP Operations & Supply Chain EMEA
Norma Group